With the release of the AirPods Pro, apple has revolutionized wireless audio technology with the introduction of true wireless stereo (TWS), active noise cancellation, & a host of other features that put their newest product at the đứng đầu of the wireless earphones space.However, comes with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, there are amazing imitations out there that do a remarkable job.

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The original AirPods retails for upwards of $159 ($199 if you wanted wireless charging), and now the AirPods Pro is much more expensive, at a base price of $249. You are unfortunately paying more for “Apple” logo sản phẩm than the tech itself. While the value-per-dollar on the AirPods Pro is questionable, it doesn’t change the fact that this piece of tech is just way beyond a lot of people’s price range.

Fortunately, there are plenty of class A Airpods Pro imitations out there that get plenty of things right. For a fraction of the price, you get the exact same build ratio & sound quality as the original Airpods Pro.

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Currently these are the BEST Airpods Pro Clones. This list is updated monthly

Superpods V6

Airpods Max 4 Clone

Here’s our list of the Best giả AirPods Pro:

Table of Contents

Best nhái AirPods Pro#7 — AUKEY EP-T21

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After reviewing close to lớn a 100 different nhái AirPods Pro based on various factors like design, function, features, battery life and price, my team và I zeroed in on 5 that stood out. We further put these 5 through a series of găng tests. We found that:

The Superpods V6 is the best nhái AirPods Pro in the market. For $47 the user can expect high audio unique and a brilliant design in addition to lớn in-ear detection, wireless charging, and even Voice Control for Siri. Most importantly, it has a highly effective noise cancellation feature.

Best nhái AirPods Pro

Best giả AirPods ProCheck it out on Aliexpress/Amazon!
Superpods v6Link
i200000 Pro TWS MXLink
KiwiPods ProLink
TicPods 2 Pro True Wireless EarbudsLink

To come up this menu of the Best giả AirPods Pro, we decided on a few important criteria.

First, every sản phẩm on this menu is a “super copy” of the AirPods Pro, not the AirPods or the AirPods 2. That means that each of these items is designed lớn look & feel the way the original AirPods Pro are meant to. Second, we wanted khổng lồ emphasize the best-quality giả Airpods Pro that you can get on a much smaller price tag, so you can expect these options khổng lồ be available at very low prices, ranging from $13 khổng lồ $60. Finally, we handpicked only the latest và most up-to-date models to ensure a wide mix of features và maximum compatibility across your devices.

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#1 — i200000 Pro


Alan Urban is the Editor-in-chief of Stupid hãng apple Rumours & often proclaims that he’s ” Apple’s number one fan.”In addition to lớn keeping up with the latest apple news, he also reviews Apple products and creates user-friendly guides. When not subjecting táo bị cắn Devices to lớn crazy stress tests, he’s usually playing games on táo bị cắn Arcade

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