Where To Buy Apple Products For A Good Price? : R/vietnam No Apple Store

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Vietnam’s điện thoại shipments increased 15% YoY and 104% QoQ in q4 2021, according lớn Counterpoint Research’s Monthly Vietnam Channel giới thiệu Tracker. After crossing the post-pandemic phase of pent-up demand, smartphones remained in high demand throughout the year, despite the market facing many difficulties, including macroeconomic worries, supply chain issues and the emergence of new COVID-19 variants. The year 2021 also saw Samsung and Apple registering their highest ever shipments in Vietnam.

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More specifically, táo apple was the fastest growing brand in q4 2021 in YoY terms. With a hair’s breadth, it surpassed Xiaomi khổng lồ capture the fourth highest market nói qua during the quarter.


Senior Research Analyst Ivan Lam commented that "Apple enjoys a good place among Vietnamese consumers. In 2021, táo khuyết enhanced its distribution strategy in Vietnam. It pushed online sales through Lazada apple Flagship Stores và boosted "mini táo bị cắn dở Stores" by working with retailers, although there are already táo apple Zones in Thegiodidong stores & F.Studio in the FPT shops system. Also, in Vietnam, 5G smartphone penetration is increasing gradually, supporting iPhone 13 sales."


As presented in the Counterpoint charts below, hãng apple showed their highest YoY growth in 2021 at 119% due to a massive q4 growing a whopping 299%!


(Click on image to Enlarge)


For other statistics from competitors, see the full Counterpoint report here.

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In a secondary report posted today by Counterpoint, they noted that Apple saw its highest ever growth of 68% YoY in 2021 in key Southeast Asian Countries overall due to the sales of iPhone 11 & iPhone 12 series & the launch of iPhone 13 series. Thái lan and Vietnam came up as the biggest drivers for Apple's premium brand.




In November, Doan Van Hieu Em, CEO of mobile World Joint Stock Company, predicted that in the next two years, Vietnam can be classified in the group of countries at cấp độ 2 (out of 3 levels) of Apple. Vietnam's Tienphong News further added that táo khuyết is likely to open their first store in Vietnam over the next 2 or 3 years. Either Ho chi Minh đô thị and/or Hanoi are likely to lớn have táo khuyết Stores in the future.

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