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Who needs happy hour?

Drunk Elephant, the apothecary-like skincare brand with clean white bottles & vibrant caps, is second khổng lồ none, creating products your skin will drink in all day long. Especially at Sephora, where many of its products live on the company’s bestsellers list.

You may be familiar with Drunk Elephant’s coveted Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer và its A-Passioni Retinol Cream — which, I can attest, are lovely products to showroom to your skincare regimen. But, more recently, Drunk Elephant decided khổng lồ shake things up with a new product.


Meet the brand’s C-Firma Fresh Day Serum. It’s the first of its kind turning you into a mixologist. Give your skin a drink of gorgeousness by pouring the serum into the included powder that sits inside the bottle. After mixing, shaking & applying, you’ll feel like an at-home chemist with cheery-looking skin.

Ahead, find information on what Drunk Elephant’s new serum is, how it works và our curated reviews after testing the vi-ta-min C-infused skincare product.

What is Drunk Elephant’s new C-Firma Fresh Day Serum?

Photography courtesy of Drunk Elephant via Instagram,

Drunk Elephant’s new C-Firma Fresh Day Serum is a potent blend of 15% vi-ta-min C, along with a powerful blend of antioxidants, nutrients and fruit enzymes that help “visibly firm, brighten và improve the signs of photoaging,” per the brand.

Targeting fine lines & wrinkles, dullness và uneven texture, loss of the skin’s elasticity & even dark spots, the serum is well-formulated for normal, dry, combination và oily skin types.

However, on my sensitive skin, this serum felt replenishing. & that’s saying something — I’m big on serums, especially leaning on the super-picky side.

Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Fresh Day Serum requires you lớn mix it before its first use. Why? Doing so yourself maximizes the potency of the included ingredients while keeping the formula fresh. There’s truly no other product lượt thích it on the market.

It’s also miễn phí of colorants, essential oils, fragrance and silicones, making it a Clean at Sephora product.

How does Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Fresh Day Serum work?

Thank God for instructions inside the box. When my new serum arrived in the mail, I didn’t know mixing was required at first. I took out the tall, rectangular bottle along with the mini serum lớn match. Then, it was time to lớn combine my fresher-than-ever serum.

The freshest serum I’ve ever used.

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Fresh Day Serum, $78


buy now

Here are the three steps you have lớn follow before applying the serum to your skin, per the brand’s instruction:

Unscrew the cap of the liquid serum base & remove the pump from the vial containing the 15% l-ascorbic acid powder.Pour all of the liquid serum base into the vial with the powder. Screw the pump onto the top of the vial và shake for one minute until the powder fully dissolves. Bubbles will form, & that’s a-OK.Lastly, insert the vial into C-Firma’s opaque outer container with the pump facing to the left until it snaps into place. Now, it’s ready khổng lồ use.

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Before hopping into our review of Drunk Elephant’s new radiant và luminous serum, let’s overview some noteworthy ingredients — & how they help enhance your skin:

Potent antioxidant complex (15% L-Ascorbic Acid plus Ferulic Acid & 1% vi-ta-min E): This well-curated blend helps to lớn brighten the look và feel of the skin while minimizing the signs of photoaging.Chronocyclin: This is a chronopeptide that “mimics the antioxidant benefits of vi-ta-min D for more youthful-looking skin,” per the brand.Pumpkin Ferment & Pomegranate Extract: This dynamic duo helps to lớn dissolve dead skin cells & minimize the appearance of pores.

Our review of Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Fresh Day Serum

Truth be told, I’ve never purchased a sản phẩm from Drunk Elephant. I’ve only ever used a mini freebie (thanks Sephora points) or my sister’s every now và then. Although the $78 price point is steep for some, it’s worth it because dermatologists advise using a serum twice daily.

Photography courtesy of Drunk Elephant.

How Drunk Elephant’s new serum compares lớn others

I’ve tried many serums. In fact, they’re all in a neat row on top of my bathroom counter, on a stringent rotation system, as if I’m drafting for the army. Some of my favorites include the Alypn Beauty Wild Nettle & Niacinamide Firming Serum for a tightening feel, Caudalie’s Vinopure Natural Salicylic Acid Pore Minimizing Serum for an ultra-hydrating option và three, budget-friendly bottles from The Ordinary.

Though Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Fresh Day Serum is the most luxe serum in my collection thus far, it’s worth the hype because of its fresh, vitamin C infusion that feels lượt thích a million bucks.

The Pros

For full transparency, there are certainly more pros than cons. Besides the healthful concoction of ingredients, it didn’t cause any breakouts, which typically is the case when I try new skincare products. Not khổng lồ mention, the areas of my face that tend khổng lồ be the dryest — my jaw, around my nose & the center of my chin — were completely hydrated.

Drunk Elephant’s new serum made my skin so smooth, you couldn’t even tell my skin was dry in the first place.

A nice touch is its packaging, too. Though what’s on the inside matters (cheesy, I know), skincare products with pumps is a no-no for me. I want my skincare formulations khổng lồ be almost vacuum-sealed so it doesn’t contaminate as easily, và the twist-down mechanism — characteristic of most of the brand’s products — is exquisite.

The Cons

Truthfully, the only bé on my danh mục is the learning curve. Because Drunk Elephant’s new serum requires mixing, it took a bit more patience on my kết thúc to carefully remove what the included mini pamphlet instructed, without breaking the whole thing.

After about five minutes, I was good khổng lồ go.

That said, even though it’s not an untwist-and-apply serum, it’s worth the five-minute setup because you know you’re about khổng lồ use a fresh, chất lượng product.

The bottom line

Photography courtesy of Drunk Elephant.

Overall, Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Fresh Day Serum is worth the buy. While the brand’s other products are popular, you can always purchase a more affordable moisturizer or retinol cream. With serums, this is the freshest you’ll find.

Check out thủ đô new york Post Shopping for more content. This tòa tháp was sent by Drunk Elephant for potential coverage.

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