This War of Mine MOD APK (Unlocked All) is a survival game from 11 bit studquả táo publisher. This is a game that was released in 2014 on the PC và has attracted considerable attention from the gaming community.

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Overview information

About This War of Mine

So far, this game has been developed on the Android platsize khổng lồ reach more people. Although the game takes place in the war, this time you bởi vì not play like a soldier but instead is a civilian.

All of these games have sầu a common feature that simulates a devastating war. The game will show you how fierce the war has affected innocent people. They must suffer the consequences of unwarranted war taking place on their own homeland. Through this game, you will be given the opportunity lớn experience life in extreme circumstances and without any help. Find a way to lớn survive sầu by your own ability if not, the death will find you.

The story

Unlượt thích other war games, This War of Mine has a completely different plot. The story takes place in the size recorded by reporters interviewing people who spent more than 1400 days in the raid campaign on Sarajevo, the 90s Yugoslav civil war. Building your own story, everything depends on your actions. The game development team has confirmed that the game has no plot. They just created context, everything in the game is created by the player.


Your mission is helping your team survive in that harsh situation. All details in the game are rooted in your actions, not following a storyline like other games. You will have sầu to survive sầu for a certain amount of time in the game. Writing a memoir is a very unique feature. For example, in your group, there is a person who is seriously injured and does not have sầu enough bandages, antibiotics, … then a few days later the survivors will write a rewrite of what happened.

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Harsh survival factor

In the harsh survival situation of This War of Mine, you must collect items such as food, medicine and other materials scattered throughout the đô thị. These materials are helpful in making production tools or necessities of refugees.

Against the attaông xã of other refugees

Of course. During the war, food, medicine were extremely scarce, so you had lớn calculate and use it appropriately if you want to survive sầu. Besides the scarcity of necessities, you must pay attention and watch out for the attacks of other refugees. Search for necessities in a desolate thành phố, rob people of others, or even steal from the army. Many ways for you lớn get food & water. Not only that, but the weather factor also significantly affects the lives of the group members.


This War of Mine has hand-drawn graphics that make a big impression. The strength of this design is to lớn make the scene more realistic and closer than ever. Besides, the main color tone is blaông chồng & trắng, which contrasts with the gloom và brutality of a dilapidated world, engulfed in chaos. After the war, meaningless bombs made innocent people suffer all consequences. Nothing but the ashes, the blaông xã smoke, …

Đồ họa cực kỳ rực rỡ và ấn tượng

The world in the game is reproduced very successfully when the player has an overview, a clear view of where the war swept through. From a peaceful đô thị that has now become ruined, tall buildings have suffered a lot of bullets, dead bodies lying on the street, … like this is a dead city without a little sign of life.

MOD APK version of This War of Mine

MOD Feature

Full Game Unlocked

Download This War of Mine MOD APK for Android

This War of Mine is an excellent game rated 9/10 on Pocket gamer UK. This game is not “funny”, but it is worth playing. War left nothing but blood và tears. This game helps you experience the lives of people in the context of war, through which you can understand more about human suffering & pain.

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The game has some configuration requirements that the minimum RAM must be 1 GB and the GPU can be Adreno 3đôi mươi, Tegra 3 or PowerVR SGX 544. You can download this game by purchasing the game on the Google Play or you can experience the game completely for không tính tiền through the link below the article.

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