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They demonstrated this for artificial agents foraging in a simulated environment composed of edible và poisonous mushrooms.
Others held cloths before their mouths, as if the smoke drifting over from the charring bodies was poisonous.
During this procedure, weavers directly inhaled dirt, fine lint, kích thước và potentially poisonous chemicals if the thread was dyed.
The context implies the poisonous nature of the lake, but a link between this & the wyrmcynn is not spelled out.
The thought is that market relations tend lớn foster poisonous social relations that dangerously infect all areas of society.
We could simply say "the berries in the forest are poisonous," and you would underst& what we mean.
In the first stage, organisms learn to label only four foods (two edible & two poisonous mushrooms).
One of many substances found in all parts of the cotton plant is gossypol, described by scientists as a " " poisonous pigment.
The landfills around the đô thị wall emitted smells because "they contain poisonous organic matter" which putrefied (especially during the rains).
A small population of red fox, muskrat, mink, otter, voles, northern diamondbachồng terrapin, and various nonpoisonous water snakes also live in the marsh areas.

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