Pole là gì

a long, thin stiông chồng of wood or metal, often used standing straight up in the ground to support things:

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either of the two points at the most northern & most southern ends of the earth, around which the earth turns:
one of the ends of a magnet (= an object that both attracts & pushes away iron & steel objects) where the magnetic force is strongest:
The lightning strike created a magnetic field, similar to that which exists between the north and south poles of a magnet.
one of the two points on a battery (= a device that produces electricity) where a connection can be made in an electrical circuit. One point is negative & the other positive:
one of the two points at which a straight line through the centre of a circle cuts the surface of a sphere (= a ball-shaped object):
either of the two points at the most northern và most southern ends of the earth or another planet, around which the planet turns:
either of the two ends of a magnet or two parts of a battery (= device that produces electricity) which have sầu opposite charges
The internal pole is conceived of as belief, that is personal, & the external pole is conceived of as truth, objective reality, that is universal.

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The tent had seven center poles, and each section had a dish of mansaf, one of kharuf mahsh-, wi - one of salig, and so on.
The developmental forms found in the two poles were similar to each other, but different to lớn the population found in the mid-section.
Life can be tasted to the full only when activity & contemplation, doing & not doing, form complementary poles, like those of a magnet.
This representation is further analysed khổng lồ produce the parameters of sinusoidal, resonance, & pole/zero models.




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