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The average total titre excreted by the control ponies of 4n52 which is significantly more than that excreted by the vaccinates.
Figure 5 gives a bar chart showing the total titre excreted against pre-challenge antitoàn thân level for all vaccinated ponies in this data phối.
The heterogeneities present in a data mix of experimentally infected ponies are examined, & a Mã Sản Phẩm of equine influenza that incorporates some of this heterogeneity is derived.
By including information that dogs, ponies and cats are kinds of animal, then it can be asserted that the document may be relevant and should be retrieved.
The focus was on small parties establishing depots and the use of boats for sea journeys, and dogs & ponies for sledge journeys with skis for personal transportation.
On the y-axis the total titre excreted by each of these animals is plotted (thus gaps in the bar chart indicate ponies that excreted no virus).
The numbers which died or were destroyed in consequence of disease or old age in 1924 were 31 per thous& ponies employed.
There is no truth in the allegation that it was the practice at this colliery to work any ponies continuously for 16 hours.
Many of my constituents are miners and miners have a fine record of humanity where pit ponies & horses are concerned.
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a person who is extremely skilled at something, especially at playing an instrument or performing

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