Population là gì

Throughout the war, there were horrific casualties amuốn the civilian populations of both countries.

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The UN is investigating new methods of population control (= limiting the growth of the number of people).

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Population is also used khổng lồ refer lớn all the living things of a particular type or group who live in a particular area or environment.
a population of 12,000/175,000/13 million, etc. With a population of 2.1 million, it is the country"s 25th largest metropolitung area.

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More than half of the world"s working population has no formal employment or social security arrangements.
Posttraumatic ức chế disorder associated with exposure khổng lồ criminal victimization in clinical và community populations.
Regions with sizable urban populations appeared to lớn maintain much less credible registers than regions with largely rural populations.
Anything that worsens a population"s economic well-being has the effect of increasing vulnerability lớn disease as well as lớn external pressures.
Qualitative similarity of parasite communities was higher between host populations living in the localities not influenced by the sea.
We were specifically interested in the shape of the exposure-prevalence function for both host populations.
Indeed, in natural populations of cyprinids, and animals in general, there are few obvious symptoms of disease.
Both of these will be affected by migration, movement và intermixing between human populations in endemic areas.
A wider study including denser molecular sampling of populations & a re-evaluation of purported morphological differences will help to confirm this.





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