2 : a substance, cell, or cellular component from which another substance, cell, or cellular component is formed

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precursory pri-​ˈkərs-​rē

, -​ˈkər-​sə-​ adjective sầu

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forerunner, precursor, harbinger, herald mean one that goes before or announces the coming of another. forerunner is applicable to anything that serves as a sign or presage. the blockade was the forerunner of war precursor applies lớn a person or thing paving the way for the success or accomplishment of another. 18th century poets lượt thích Burns were precursors of the Romantics harbinger và herald both apply, chiefly figuratively, to one that proclaims or announces the coming or arrival of a notable event. their early victory was the harbinger of a winning season the herald of a new age in medicine

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Precursor Has Latin Roots

With its prefix pre-, meaning "before", a precursor is literally a "forerunner", & in fact forerunner first appeared as the translation of the Latin praecursor. But the two words function a little differently today. A forerunner may simply come before another thing, but a precursor generally paves the way for something. So, for example, the Office of Strategic Services in World War II was the immediate precursor of today"s Central Intelligence Agency, while the blues music of the 1930s & 1940s was only one of the precursors of the rochồng và roll of today.

18th-century lyric poets lượt thích Robert Burns were precursors of the Romantics a precursor of the modern eggplant
Recent Examples on the Web And even the effects of precursor changes would mostly be slight. — Thủ đô New York Times, đôi mươi July 2021 In late 2015, astronauts grew zinnias on the station, a precursor lớn flowering crops that take longer khổng lồ grow lượt thích peppers. — Asha C. Gilbert, USA TODAY, 19 July 2021 Silky Cheyenne River bison is topped with dollops of duchồng egg aioli, turnip crisps, dandelion wild rice & aronia berry and served with teosinte (a precursor to lớn corn) crackers. — Nicole Hvidsten, Star Tribune, 16 July 2021 Wallner’s team also found 181 atoms of plutonium-244, another radioactive isotope, but one that may have sầu been forged in the supernova blast itself rather than in the precursor star, like iron-60. — Daniel Clery, Science | AAAS, 15 July 2021 The 2020 assassination of Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani in particular led khổng lồ an uptiông chồng in Iranian intrusions that many feared were a precursor lớn retaliatory cyberattacks that never materialized. — Andy Greenberg, Wired, 15 July 2021 Using yeast cells onboard the ISS, Koch herself performed the experiment, which could become a precursor khổng lồ future attempts lớn carefully monitor DNA damage & cellular repair in astronauts. — Ramin Skibba, Scientific American, 14 July 2021 Eventually, there will be events lượt thích the ones that have taken place at Bumble Hive sầu, the pop-up precursor to Bumble Buzz that offers seminars, along with food và drinks. — Kate Krader, Fortune, 30 June 2021 The move sầu could be a potential precursor to a wider shake-up at the former president’s company, the Trump Organization, as the reality of the indictment takes hold for Mr. Trump & his senior executives. — Thành Phố New York Times, 12 July 2021

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History và Etymology for precursor

Middle English precursoure, from Latin praecursor, from praecurrere khổng lồ run before, from prae- pre- + currere khổng lồ run — more at current entry 1

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