Tra Tæ°Ì€ " Predicament Là Gì Trong Tiếng Việt? Tra Tæ°Ì€ Predicament

I"m in a bit of a predicament because I"ve sầu accidentally accepted two invitations to lớn dinner on the same night.

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Such depositions are thus seen as " psychic documents which recount particular predicaments " (p. 201).
Here, on the other hand, in wanting to begin lớn become truth by becoming subjective, subjectivity is in the predicament of being untruth.
In meting out judgments, we are often faced with the predicament that those who design evil are not necessarily those who give sầu effect to lớn it.
The community of natural scientists finds the human predicament, & its population component, very alarming.
It represents an attempt lớn respond to and address universal problems intrinsic to lớn the human predicament.
Rather, diaspora is both predicament và opportunity, forcing its differently identified "members" continually to address their differences, whatever their comtháng goals.
We get another indication of the predicament through criticism levelled privately against them by family members & friends.

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Rather, they set out khổng lồ provide a facet of political behaviour by relating it khổng lồ private predicament.
The colonial predicament unleashed changes that led to a rethinking of identities within the indigenous social hierarchy.
This predicament was made clear by the second principle, the necessity to lớn air repressed grievances in a public aremãng cầu.
One observation that all the commentators shared was my "evident sympathy for the villagers" predicament".





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