President là gì

(the title given to) the person who has the highest political position in a country that is a republic and who, in some of these countries, is the leader of the government:

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the highest political position in the United States & some other countries, usually the leader of the government:
The president"s partial and svào role, combined with some implicit & explicit pressures towards uniformity, further decreased potential challenges.
Since presidents vày sometimes support such laws, the question becomes, under what circumstances will they vì chưng so?
In the case of the president"s các buổi party, the relationship between performance và the vote contradicts standard referendum theories of economic voting.
Of the 273 executive sầu appointments, 182 (or 66.7 percent) went lớn lame-duchồng members of the president"s tiệc nhỏ.
The incidence of such appointments should covary positively with the president"s powers and negatively with the prime minister"s electoral prospects.
Evidence suggests that this governing board regularly exercises effective oversight of the president"s activities.
Unfortunately for presidents, the number of agencies created by statute has increased over time, as has the number of agencies with insulating characteristics.
Individual decisions lớn insulate agencies from presidential control collectively and cumulatively are making the bureaucracy more difficult for presidents khổng lồ manage over time.
Strengthening this force was seen as undermining the president"s grip on power và consolidating that of his deputy defence minister.
Provincial rivalries for power were slowly eliminated, internal conflict reduced, và presidents succeeded one another observing the principle of no re-election.
The names of kings, generals, and presidents have a prominent status and size within the inscriptions.
Variation in a president"s support/executive coalition in the legislature affects her ability to lớn control the executive sầu branch.
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Either size of responsibility is sufficient lớn characterize the regime as mixed (given, of course, the existence of an independently elected president and assembly responsibility).

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The advantages of accommodation for the tiệc nhỏ in power seem to be particularly svào when its candidate is the incumbent president.
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président/-ente , président-directeur général (PDG), président d’université…




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