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for the use of or belonging to lớn one particular person or group only, or not shared or available to other people:
if a company whose shares are traded on a stoông chồng market goes private, the owners buy the shares back from other shareholders in order to lớn take control of the company themselves:
The Canadian utility company is well on its way lớn going private through a $22 billion management-led buyout.

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The satellite company was bought by its current owners for $3.1 billion in cash after going private & shedding its intergovernmental ownership.

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to lớn pay for your own medical treatment, rather than using treatment provided by the National Health Service:
People who cannot find an NHS dentist are already going private & insurers are keen khổng lồ fill in gaps in their finances.
lớn take control of a company or organization whose shares are traded on a stock market by buying the shares back from other shareholders:
Moreover, in a liberal democracy with a well-developed private sector, would-be hegemonic efforts khổng lồ extover the party"s influence through society can have sầu unexpected results.
The potential for such liability claims will provide private parties with an added incentive sầu to bring cases.
First, private parties often lachồng the individual incentive sầu to initiate litigation before national courts.
The remaining fourteen had moved into private enterprise, mostly with firms specializing in the field of their former ministries.
The remaining 43 % are in four-room & five-room public housing & with only 6 % in private housing.
These gains in private technical efficiency raise social costs as the technological resource stoông chồng externality is exacerbated.
The men were more likely to lớn be quiet, private people, whereas the women tended khổng lồ be outgoing và friendly.
The full utilization of existing private production facilities, with some renovation, was assumed to be sufficient at this stage.





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