Probability là gì

Until yesterday, the project was just a possibility, but now it has become a real probability (= it is likely to happen).

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Probability is the study of the mathematics of calculating the likelihood that particular events will happen.
high/low/strong probability There is a strong probability that the country will fall inkhổng lồ recession again.

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assess/calculate/estimate the probabilities They also estimated the probabilities of dividkết thúc increases & decreases under certain circumstances.
Transition probabilities were calculated directly from clinical trial data for the first 3 years & then extrapolated khổng lồ 10 years.
We assume that the age differences within a cohort are small enough khổng lồ consider these subgroups as being homogeneous with respect to transition probabilities.
The main interest is in characterizing how precisely we can "bound" the probabilities associated with various atoms.
His treatment is probabilistic, where probabilities are obtained from statistical data, rather than being subjective probabilities.
The probabilities here can be derived from statistical data on the relative sầu frequency of prescriptions of drugs under given conditions.
At each cycle of the process, the cohort is reallocated khổng lồ health states according to specified transition probabilities.
A better position, surely, would be khổng lồ consider the objective sầu probabilities of the unrealized alternatives.
I hold that cases in which (only) numbers are different are structurally similar khổng lồ cases in which (only) probabilities are different.
Conversely, canopy trees show slower dynamics, with probabilities of mortality & recruitment lowered by a mean factor of about 0.5 with respect to lớn other species.





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