Productivity là gì

the rate at which a company or country makes goods, usually judged in connection with the number of people và the amount of materials necessary to produce the goods:

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the rate at which a country, company, etc. produces goods or services, usually judged in relation to the number of people và the time necessary to lớn produce them:
productivity increases/improves/goes up Studies show that if a working environment is pleasant, productivity increases.
productivity gains/growth/improvement Many economists doubt that productivity growth can be credited lớn information technology.
In the context of the Model sketch presented above, stock returns và returns to lớn capital are direct measures of productivity.
All of this literature stresses the need for households to lớn defer their individual interests khổng lồ improve forest productivity and enhance the long-term community interest.
Extremists of this view, called "instrumentalists", believe that all or most knowledge productivity will increase provided the right information systems are implemented.
The behavior of the labor-market variables also improves, with hours now being substantially less correlated with productivity.
First, the accumulation of past idiosyncratic exogenous total factor productivity shocks enhances the labor-augmenting công nghệ và has a positive sầu permanent impact on labor efficiency.
These factors include prices and production costs, crop yields, fish productivity và the suitability of lvà for agriculture or fish production.
Chapters 2-3 survey definitions of productivity và methods of measuring productivity of morphological processes.
Correlations of market productivity are often positive, but they are relatively low, & in most cases lower than those of output.
In the dryer regions, no-till và crop rotations significantly improve yield & protect the productivity of the soil.
They add a contract variable khổng lồ a regression which explains different levels of production or productivity aý muốn countries or among mỏi regions within a country.
For their productivity mission, và thus for imposing managerial absolutism, employers also relied on the sweeping offensive sầu & sympathy lockouts.
The use of genetic engineering to lớn produce pest resistant transgenic plants represents one of many current approaches aimed at increasing agricultural productivity.
Due to technical difficulties in randomizing which factors receive sầu a boost, simulations were run for a submix of possible combinations of productivity improvements.
Finally, productivity must also be considered when comparing agricultural systems, as a farm must be economically, as well as ecologically, sustainable.
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Các từ bỏ hay được sử dụng với productivity.

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The soil nutrients that normally pose the most important limitations lớn agricultural productivity are phosphorus & nitrogene.
Conversion factors can be of great assistance in assessing the effects of soil amendments on biological productivity from yield data.

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For example, the farmer may perceive sầu that the opportunity cost of adoption is positive sầu due khổng lồ uncertainty about the future productivity of the conserving practice.
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