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Học các từ bạn cần tiếp xúc một cách lạc quan.

a thin book or piece of paper giving information about a play or musical or sports sự kiện, usually bought at the theatre or place where the sự kiện happens:
an officially organized system of services, activities, or opportunities that help people achieve sầu something:
a programme lớn bởi vì sth Housing Market Renewal is a programme to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with low demand in housing areas.
broadcast/show a programme (about sth) They"re always showing programmes about nasty people doing nasty things to each other.

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programme sth to lớn vì chưng sth Computers have sầu been programmed khổng lồ unlock apartment doors or slow trains in the event of an earthquake.
to lớn use a piece of software to lớn give sầu instructions khổng lồ a computer or piece of electronic equipment to make it perkhung one of a range of tasks:
Management programmes have sầu focused on integration of silvicultural practices, host plant resistance & biological control.
Therefore, it appears that inoculative sầu biocontrol programmes should be applied early in spring in order to curb the increasing mealybug density later in summer.
Instead of building outside the city, constructing within the already built-up area of the city, providing new uses and programmes.
In addition to these private pension schemes, unfunded public-sector pension programmes that offer similar conditions are provided khổng lồ state employees.
All participants expressed interest in being involved in further communication intervention programmes.
When efforts are made to involve sầu older people in educational activities, they often operate from an age-segregationist principle, with separate programmes for old people.
Conscious application of this perspective in breeding programmes could lead to faster progress và deeper understanding of the results.
Consequently, the introduction of public-works programmes in areas with high dry-season unemployment may affect fertiliser use.
Households & enterprises are thus prompted into lớn accounting for environmental costs in their plans, programmes & budgets without impairing the allocative efficiency of the market.
Major re-pewing và re-allocation programmes generally had local origins, with the bishop being called upon khổng lồ " approve " or " allow " the desired changes.
An analysis is presented of the possible environmental impacts of the various components of intervention programmes.
Many donors are involved in projects and programmes that are intertwined in time và space in a given country.
They are putting it inlớn researchable database format, & design the computer typeweb3_setting programmes.
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Các trường đoản cú thường được áp dụng với programme.

One should therefore not categorically dem& a complete mix of environmental covenants to lớn be included in every adjustment programme.
The declaration not only advocated a permanent food aid programme plus an annual budget, but also called for it khổng lồ be expanded.
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