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A protocol is also the rules to lớn be followed when doing a scientific study or an exact method for giving medical treatment:
a set of technical rules that control the exchange of information between different computers or computer networks:
Companies that use a competitor"s protocols in their products will pay 0.4% of their revenue to lớn that company.

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the system of rules and acceptable behaviour that people or organizations should follow in official situations, for example when they have formal discussions:
After last week"s incident, officials in charge of airport security have sầu been ordered to Reviews safety regulations và protocol.

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For a junior officer lớn communicate such important information directly lớn a senior officer in this way is considered a breach of protocol.
Throughout experimental protocols, therefore, extra care was taken to lớn ensure that the hcp-aequorin was not accidentally discharged due to tương tác with calcium ions.
Interaction protocols can either be specified in an explicit accessible format, or only be implicit & hardwired inlớn the agents" specification.
Among mỏi the 132 protocols gathered, 15 one-minute protocols produced by the four dyads were considered.
Researchers often assume that mentioning the use of such protocols is enough for the reader to lớn underst& what is being done.
There is not a single tensor, but several, according to different protocols of interference on shared locations.
The effectiveness of our techniques is evaluated using standard packet filter benchmarks and on implementations of network protocols taken from actual telecom applications.
The brains from the cases used in the three transsynaptic protocols all underwent the same histological procedures.
Similarly, one cannot thiết kế optimising agents without some information about the protocols governing their interaction.
Interaction protocols Mã Sản Phẩm the flow of the interaction and the message contents, & the ontology defines the semantics of each message.
Therefore, agent designers are faced with a choice of a number of potential interaction protocols that could help them achieve their design objectives.
Our results constitute a first step in delineating treatment và follow-up protocols that are better suited to lớn the characteristics of individual children.





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