Pyramid scheme là gì

a way of deceiving investors (= people giving money to a company hoping to get more back) in which money that a company receives from new customers is not invested lớn their advantage, but is used instead to pay debts owed lớn existing customers

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Compton subpoenaed ngân hàng records to determine the extent of the rather secretive pyramid scheme, which had spread primarily by word of mouth.
The cause celebre in this case was the pyramid scheme wave that got out of control before the government quashed it.
Example from the Hansard archive sầu. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.0
We are behaving lượt thích participants in a pyramid scheme, who see that the base of the pyramid is starting khổng lồ stagnate.
These institutions became identified as a type of pyramid scheme because of the need khổng lồ continuously attract new depositors in order khổng lồ meet obligations.
He lodged a successful complaint against a newspaper which characterised this as investment in a pyramid scheme.
Company distributors were encouraged to recruit other distributors in a multilevel kinh doanh structure, which was later characterized as a pyramid scheme.
The plaintiffs alleged that the company knowingly operates as a pyramid scheme, & prevents its distributors from leaving the organization through the aforementioned provisions.
The messages sent invite recipients to join the company"s multi-màn chơi marketing program (effectively a pyramid scheme).
Johan fantasizes about constructing a pyramid scheme that will give sầu hyên ổn thousands of whiskey bottles.

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