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It works as follows: screening every 2 years, age groups 50-59 years, free of charge, two projections, & two radiologists.
Table 3 presents results pertaining khổng lồ the relationships of the predictors of system continuance, perceived net benefits, and web3_user satisfaction for radiologists.
However, the sensitivity & specificity of mammography for breast cancer detection varies widely between radiologists.
An important factor is that female radiologists are liable not only khổng lồ genetic damage but also to lớn injuries to lớn their foetuses during pregnancy.
Most of these patients, in whom opioid therapy was initiated in an outpatient web3_setting, were seeing an anesthesiologist or radiologist, and many had breast cancer.
It involved several radiologists manually generating the structured output forms from the original sentences.
However, if this radiologist is overwhelmed by a flood of images from a network of institutions, misdiagnosis may occur.
Although affecting only a small proportion of the cancers of the screening programme, this exercise had an educational function for screening radiologists.
Clutching a yard-long stiông chồng, the radiologist who pointed out what was "strikingly abnormal" about the scans made the presentation even stranger.
Of the trăng tròn subjects, 65% were women & 40% had breast cancer, and most patients were seeing an anesthesiologist or radiologist.
Moreover, the doses of radiation khổng lồ radiologists who have sầu recently been exposed generally cannot trương mục for a more severe damage lớn fertility.
The attending radiologist was discussing a film with an eagerly attentive sầu resident sitting beside hlặng.
This demonstrates the learning curve sầu for the interpreting radiologist và the advantage of comparison with prior studies, once these are available.

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In 1992 a maximum agreed-upon màn chơi of expenses was negotiated with representatives of laboratory physicians; negotiations are ongoing with representatives of radiologists.
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a type of modern music originally developed by African-Americans, with a rhythm in which the svào notes often come before the beat. Jazz is usually improvised (= invented as it is played).

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