Reactions là gì

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reaction /ri:"ækʃn/ danh từ sự làm phản tác dụng, sự bội nghịch ứng lạiaction và reaction: chức năng với bội phản tác dụng (đồ dùng lý); (hoá học) bội phản ứngcatalytic reaction: phản nghịch ứng xúc tác (chính trị) sự phản bội động (quân sự) sự làm phản công, sự tiến công trả lại
phản bội tác dụngbội nghịch ứngBrowning reaction: Phản ứng MaryllardMaillard reaction: Phản ứng Maillardamphoteric reaction of milk: bội nghịch ứng lưỡng tính của sữaanabolic reaction: làm phản ứng đồng hóabiuret reaction: phản ứng biuretcatabolic reaction: phản ứng dị hóachain reaction: làm phản ứng dây chuyềnconsumer reaction: bội nghịch ứng bạn tiêu dùngcounter reaction: phản ứng thuận nghịchcultural reaction: làm phản ứng nuôi dưỡngendothermic reaction: phản bội ứng thu nhiệtexothermic reaction: bội phản ứng lan nhiệtirreversible reaction: làm phản ứng ko thuận nghịchprecipitant reaction: phản nghịch ứng kết tủareaction function: hàm phản nghịch ứngreaction tank: thùng phản ứngreaction time: thời gian làm phản ứngreversible reaction: phản ứng thuận nghịchstarch-iodine reaction: phản bội ứng iốt tinc bộttechnical reaction: bội nghịch ứng gồm tính kỹ thuậttechnical reaction: phản ứng kỹ thuậtxantho-protein reaction: bội nghịch ứng xanto-proteinreaction timethời hạn phản ứng, thời gian khởi hễ danh từ o phản ứng o sự phản ứng, phản lực § alkylation reaction : phản ứng ankyl hóa § baông xã reaction : phản ứng nghịch § balanced reaction : phản ứng đã cân nặng bằng, phản ứng thuận nghịch § branched chain reaction : phản ứng dây chuyền phân nhánh § breading reaction : phản ứng dây chuyền § catalytic exchange reaction : phản ứng trao đổi xúc tác § chain reaction : phản ứng dây chuyền § chemical reaction : phản ứng hóa học § Diels-Alders reaction : phản ứng Diels-Alders (tổng hợp chất thơm) § drop reaction : phản ứng giọt § endothermal reaction : phản ứng thu nhiệt § exothermal reaction : phản ứng tỏa nhiệt § fast reaction : phản ứng nhanh khô § redistribution reaction : phản ứng phân bố lại § reversible reaction : phản ứng thuận nghịch § side reaction : phản ứng phụ § reaction value : giá bán trị phản ứng

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): act, action, inaction, interaction, reaction, transaction, act, acting

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): reaction, reactor, reactant, react, overreact, reactionary





Từ điển Collocation

reaction noun

1 response

ADJ. extreme, sharp, strong, violent | favourable, positive sầu | adverse, hostile, negative sầu | mixed The speech got a mixed reaction. | angry | first, immediate, initial | delayed Her outburst was a delayed reaction lớn an unpleasant letter she"d received that morning. | chain The change of plan phối off a chain reaction of confusion. | mixed | comtháng, general, public | natural, normal | automatic, gut, instinctive, knee-jerk, spontaneous The incident calls for a measured response, avoiding knee-jerk reactions. | nervous | emotional | critical The critical reaction khổng lồ his first novel has been positive.

VERB + REACTION get, have sầu, meet with The play met with a mixed reaction from the critics. | bring, cause, produce, provoke, phối off, spark (off), trigger (off) She was surprised at the reaction brought by the mention of his delayed a delayed reaction lớn the drugs | allergic

VERB + REACTION have sầu, suffer She had a very bad allergic reaction to the peanuts. | cause, produce

PREP.. ~ to lớn A small minority of patients suffer an adverse reaction to the treatment. name. | gauge, judge (by/from) He eyed her cautiously, trying to gauge her reaction. Judging by her reaction, she liked the present.

PREP.. in ~ lớn There"s been a drop in ticket sales in reaction to the reviews. | ~ against Her rebellious attitude is just a reaction against her strict upbringing. | ~ lớn the public reaction to lớn the web3_news

2 (usually reactions) ability to react quickly

ADJ. fast, good, lightning, quiông xã | slow, sluggish

VERB + REACTION have sầu She has very quichồng reactions. | speed up | slow down Alcohol has the effect of slowing down your reactions.

REACTION + NOUN time Your reaction time increases when you are tired.

3 chemical reaction

ADJ. chain | chemical, nuclear

VERB + REACTION cause, produce, start, trigger | stop | tốc độ up | slow down

REACTION + VERB occur, take place

PREPhường. during/in a/the ~ the energy given out during the reaction | ~ between studying the reactions between certain gases | ~ with the fuel"s chemical reaction with the surrounding water

4 allergy

ADJ. adverse, bad | mild, slight |

Từ điển WordNet


Bạn đang xem: Reactions là gì

a response that reveals a person"s feelings or attitude

he was pleased by the audience"s reaction khổng lồ his performance

John feared his mother"s reaction when she saw the broken lamp

an idea evoked by some experience

his reaction lớn the web3_news was to lớn start planning what lớn do

doing something in opposition to another way of doing it that you don"t like

his style of painting was a reaction against cubism

extreme conservatism in political or social matters

the forces of reaction carried the election

(mechanics) the equal and opposite force that is produced when any force is applied to lớn a body

every action has an equal và opposite reaction

Bloomberg Financial Glossary

A decline in prices following an advance. Opposite of rally.

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Investopedia Financial Terms

The typical downward movement in the price of a security after the price had previously risen.

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Investopedia Says:
The opposite of a recovery, a reaction is similar to lớn a market correction but lacks the same intensity.

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