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a person who keeps records, esp. a college or university official who is responsible for students’ records of classes & marks
a person or organization whose job is to keep official records, especially of changes in who owns shares in a company:
The stockbroker will conduct the transaction on screen and notify the tóm tắt registrar, all with the press of a button.
Parish registrars and hospital clerks, for example, selected those facts considered essential for their assigned tasks.
However, when asked lớn describe how frequently they saw mental health problems, the registrars" accounts varied.
While practice counsellors were commonly attached khổng lồ the practices, few registrars seemed to lớn be sure of the precise referral criteria and the type of counselling offered.
Fifty-five percent of the respondents were house officers or senior house officers, whereas 39% were registrars, 3% were senior registrars, & 3% held other junior grades.
Therefore, we discussed with the registrars to lớn what extent knowledge of local resources, previous training và current support facilitated confidence in the management of mental health problems.
The emphasis of directors of postgraduate education was on the retention of registrars by improving the experience of vocational training in terms of both course nội dung & personal requirements.
In fact, they seem khổng lồ have employed an impressive sầu number of registrars: in 1906, for example, a total of 102 were working in the different police offices of the capital.
Senior registrars occupy an accredited post in medical oncology & aspire khổng lồ a consultant position after four years of training, which includes laboratory or clinical research experience.
As in past censuses, no information on identified individual people or households will be passed khổng lồ anyone other than employees of the registrars general.
One was by means of the census and the other was by an addition to the information which is given khổng lồ the registrars of births.
A great number of people will go lớn the registrar"s office khổng lồ register the births of children, & they will be asked all these questions.

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The figures exclude all consultants and senior registrars whose contracts are held by the regional health authority.
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(sicil) kayıt/evrak memuru/memureyêu thích, nüfus/evlendirme memuru/memuređắm đuối, öğrenci işleri/kayıt kabul işleri memuru/memuresi…

to act or work together for a particular purpose, or khổng lồ be helpful by doing what someone asks you to do

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