Nâng cao vốn tự vựng của bạn với English Vocabulary in Use trường đoản cúọc những từ bạn cần tiếp xúc một bí quyết sáng sủa.

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The risk is that clinicians increasingly will be reluctant to lớn vì quite ordinary procedures to help patients because of existing guidelines.
At this critical juncture government was still reluctant khổng lồ get involved but private initiative sầu stepped in & took the lead.
Most readers interested in one volume will also want to lớn read the other, but will be reluctant khổng lồ pay £190 for the whole collection.
The director of an experimental elementary school told me that parents were reluctant at first, but he met with them regularly to change their minds.
Some artists, of course, are reluctant to lớn explain their practice believing the work to lớn be autonomous & capable of speaking for itself.
As will become clear later, this means that artists và producers located in lower prestige groups were more reluctant to be interviewed.
Many of those who belonged to lớn churches were reluctant khổng lồ endorse this practice, on the grounds that it encouraged promiscuity.
When refugees proved reluctant to be "dispersed", government dismissed their resistance as "irrational".
He subsequently felt that it had been his own fears that made hyên so reluctant to lớn allow her to share her thoughts with him.
However, both civil servants and representatives of the voluntary sector appeared reluctant to lớn criticise the new government"s proposals for the revised strategy.
Households living in the hills are therefore understandably reluctant khổng lồ use manure, và khổng lồ a somewhat lesser extent crop residues, for fuel.
Therefore, once a patient settles with a drug, physicians may be reluctant khổng lồ experiment with new brands.
Understandably, inhabitants of villages adjacent to lớn the colonization centres were reluctant khổng lồ be resettled.
These sectors currently have sầu little union coverage since many part-time or temporary workers are reluctant lớn join unions because of dues or other considerations.

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That suggests evolving and continually realigning coalitions of initiative sầu takers, relatively compliant followers, và reluctant others for a continually changing set of issues và problems.
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