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However, a proportion also exits the cell cycle & will replenish the peripheral pool of infected memory cells.
To keep seed availability roughly constant throughout our experiments, baits were replenished when necessary.
This is not igiảm giá for long-term experiments because the chamber must be replenished with air periodically, subjecting the seeds to abrupt changes in oxygen concentration.
Traps were visited weekly to lớn remove moths và replenish water và detergent with pheromone lures renewed every four lớn five weeks.
Both the honey and the cốt tông sticks were replenished at weekly intervals & care was taken lớn keep cotton sticks wet.
Examples were trajectory following while formation flying, classifying, disposing, replenishing and so on.
The availability of essential drugs is likely to lớn be influenced more by customer demvà & availability of funds lớn replenish stocks.
In agriculture, it favoured organic methods, which, it was believed, would both replenish the soil and produce healthy food to improve the racial diet.
Our results will probably not only mirror neuronal, but also glia cell dysfunction, because the latter replenishes the glutamate pool.
Lateral movement of extrasynaptic receptors to the synapse (4) can also replenish receptors at this location.
The leakage there was made as small as possible và was replenished by continually supplying air lớn the inside of the model.

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The salt solutions in the desiccators were replenished as needed to maintain fully saturated conditions as water was absorbed from the seeds.
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