Requiem là gì

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Within these forms there are moments that are lively và even loud, but in the end the nocturne is always lulled, the lullaby hushed, và the requiem prostrate.
How much has it cost lớn have sầu all those officials & secretaries talking such nonsense for so long in that ridiculous organisation whose requiem we are attending today?
I think what he is asking us to consider is something like a requiem for the financial policy that has governed government thinking since 1979 & 1980.
In my constituency for an increasing number of farmers even help now may be help too late, and the continuing discussions will be but a requiem on their bankruptcy.
He would write four major orchestral masses, a requiem, và many offertories, graduals, vesper settings, and sacred cantatas và oratortiện ích ios.
Like the whitetip reef shark, they have been documented resting motionless on the sea bottom or inside caves, unusual behaviour for requiem sharks.
Typical of these works is the use of the tremolo in the strings as a reference to lớn the hallowed ambience of the requiem.
Like other requiem sharks, it is viviparous, with the developing embryos mainly nourished through a placental connection formed from the depleted yolk sac.
He wrote symphonies, piano concertos, symphonic poems, & chamber music, principally, as well as a requiem.
He wrote 42 art songs, over 100 sacred & secular choral pieces, including two liturgies and a requiem, và music khổng lồ a dozen stage works.
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