The Complete Guide To Respawn Là Gì


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TW for mention of death and suicide.

What respawning is

By definition, the act of respawning is “to reappear after having been killed”.

There are so many definitions of respawn in this reality shifting community, but as a general definition:

respawn is the act of severing your connection with this reality.

Some people consider respawn to be forced reincarnation. Reincarnation, by definition, “is the philosophical or religious belief that the non-physical essence of a living being starts a new life in a different physical khung or toàn thân after biological death.”

This belief goes baông xã lớn different practices and religions, a present one being Buddhism.

Scientific proof of reincarnation

Is there evidence of reincarnation?


What respawning is not

- Suicide .

Respawn is NOT suicide. Suicide is the act of killing yourself và that’s it.

Respawn is the act of severing your connection with reality, whether through the loss of your physical toàn thân (death) or other ways. The majority of respawners actually encourage positive sầu mental health, & I have not met a single respawner who believed suicide would take them khổng lồ their desired reality.

- Taking your soul & consciousness

You can’t take or leave your soul, because it is you. It is your essence.

Some people refer khổng lồ the soul as the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or an animal, regarded lớn be immortal.

All you bởi vì is let go of your physical body toàn thân, & shift your awareness of reality.

You also technically can’t take your consciousness (which is also just your awareness - of reality -), you just shift it/change the reality you perceive sầu.

- A fast way out of this reality

While it is actually possible khổng lồ respawn in a short amount of time & you can choose when you respawn, respawn is NOT something khổng lồ be taken lightly. Therefore you should vì chưng your own retìm kiếm và even talk to other respawners, lớn make your respawn journey a pleasant one.

- Fake/Impossible

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Multiple people have:

- respawned to lớn this reality.

- respawned to their desired reality và left a stand-in/clone.

- respawned to lớn their desired reality & people have visited them.

- Etc.

If shifting is possible then why wouldn’t respawn (shifting then severing the connection) be possible?


Why people respawn

There are so many reasons why a person would choose khổng lồ respawn instead of shifting. Such as:

- They want a fresh start.

- They want khổng lồ forget/move sầu on from the pain in this reality.

- They want to experience something they didn’t have sầu in their Old Reality.

- They want lớn disthẻ their old identity & adopt a new one that they are comfortable with.

- They want to discard their old body toàn thân and adopt a new one that they are comfortable with.

- They view it as a spiritual or religious practice which means a lot to lớn them.

- And more reasons, which are not anyone else’s business but the respawner.


How people respawn

Now, bear with me. There are MANY ways to respawn, & not all of these ways involve death.

Some people choose to:

- Shift, then their physical body toàn thân dies afterwards.

- Shift, then their physical toàn thân goes through clinical death, & leave sầu a clone/stand-in.

- Shift permanently và wipe all memories of this reality.

- Astral Project and cut the cord connecting them khổng lồ this body/timeline, then establish a new cord with a new body/timeline.



Respawn FAQ

Can I script my clone lớn kill themselves after I respawn?

NOO. This is impossible and I don’t understvà why people on tiktok & YouTube say you can. You can’t make your clone vì anything. They have sầu free will và they always will, just lượt thích you. This post explains it in more detail.

What age vị I respawn to?

You can respawn khổng lồ whatever age you want.

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Can I choose the body toàn thân I reincarnate into?


Can I come back if I respawn?

YES. I don’t get why people say you can’t come baông xã. This reality is one of INFINITE realities.

You can come bachồng khổng lồ a parallel version of this reality where your physical body toàn thân is still alive. You can come back khổng lồ a parallel version of this reality where you have a different physical toàn thân. You can come back khổng lồ a parallel version of this reality where you live in a different house but have the same family. It’s your choice.

It’ll seem the exact same as your Old Reality but of course you will know that it’s a parallel reality because you consciously respawned before.

Can I commit suicide to lớn respawn?

NO. Respawn is the act of severing your connection with this reality AFTER shifting whether it leads khổng lồ the loss of your physical body toàn thân or a stand-in/clone, with the intention of ending up in your desired reality.

Suicide is the the act of killing oneself with the intention of ending their current life. That’s it.

You cannot kill yourself with the intention of ending up in your desired reality. That’s not how it works. If you or anyone you know is suicidal or thinking of ending their life, then please refer lớn our mental health resources or liên hệ a member of our staff team.

Can I respawn by accident?

No. Your intention to respawn is important, same with your belief system. So if you don’t phối an intention khổng lồ respawn, you won’t respawn. The same with shifting. Here is a post on intentions và how to set them

How old bởi vì I have sầu to be lớn respawn?

This is a tricky one, and something that has caused a lot of drama and debate.

I personally have never met a respawner that was younger than 15 years old. The majority of respawners I know/have sầu heard of are over the age of 18 years old.

It’s a BIG decision lớn make, even bigger than shifting. That’s not khổng lồ say that shifting is less important, but that you should carefully consider why you want to lớn respawn.

You can still shift permanently without respawning.

I personally would encourage people to be at least 15 years old before considering respawning. Although maturity levels can differ, in my opinion, 15-18 years old MINIMUM.

Can I leave a clone or stand-in?


Can I die peacefully và then leave sầu a clone/stand-in?

Clinal death would be your heart stopping, Biological death would be your brain dying. Go for clinical death if you want khổng lồ leave a clone/stand-in.

Will it be painful?

Not unless you want it lớn be painful. Just like how some people like shifting symptoms lượt thích dizziness, blurry vision etc, some people want respawn symptoms và that’s perfectly okay.

You can script that the journey is short và painless.

Can I script how I respawn?


Will this toàn thân “belong” to me after I respawn if I want to come back?

Yes, because you’ll come bachồng to lớn a parallel version of this reality where this same body is yours.

How bởi you stop respawning if you don’t want to lớn vày it anymore?

If you were listening lớn respawn subs and have been in good health, just use a flush and use shifting subs.

If you were listening lớn respawn subs và your health has been deteriorating, use good health subs và flush.

If you weren’t using any respawn subs, just set an intention lớn switch baông chồng khổng lồ shifting.

What methods can I use lớn respawn?

Most shifting methods work for respawning, just change your intention lớn respawn instead of shift.

Do I have lớn script with a lot of detail when it comes khổng lồ respawning, my respawn, and my dr?

No, but it’s good lớn at least have an idea of what you want. Intention is more important than scripting.

Can I respawn once I’m in my desired reality?

Yes. You can respawn as many times as you want, in any reality.

Do I have to have sầu a valid reason to respawn, or explain why I want to lớn respawn?

No. That is no one else’s business but yours.

Can I choose where I respawn to?


Can I shift to another reality after respawning khổng lồ my desired reality?


Whats the main difference between shifting và respawn?

With shifting, you just change your awareness of reality. With respawn, you change your awareness of reality and máy chủ the connection between you và this body/reality. Like I said, it can be done through the loss of your physical toàn thân (death) or not.

You don’t take anything with you in either cases.

Is respawn faster than shifting?

No. Like shifting, the journey depends on the person. You can respawn the day you learn about respawn (though I would recommend doing lots of research beforehand), & you can respawn on whatever date you choose. It’s no faster or slower.


People respawn for many different reasons, & people shift for different reasons. Asking a respawner “Why don’t you just shift?” is lượt thích asking a shifter “Why don’t you just use subs và manifest in this reality?”

It’s frankly none of your business & I will not stvà for any hate towards respawners. Such comments will be deleted. Please just respect other people and their choices.

If you have sầu any questions about respawn then feel miễn phí khổng lồ leave sầu them down below :smirk_cat: :bangbang: I will answer & add them khổng lồ this post.

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