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the act of writing a book, speech, etc. again, in order khổng lồ improve sầu it or change it because new information is available:
In particular, we will consider rewrite rules whose "algebraicability" is independent from systems & contexts.
These dissertations were produced by graduate students who worked for many years in the city và who have collectively rewritten the history of the city.
This operator is useful for representing the (non-deterministic) application of a mix of rewrite rules &, consequently, the mix of possible results.
The residuation principle is based on the idea of delaying function calls until they are sufficiently instantiated for a deterministic evaluation by rewriting.
The advantage of rewriting the boundary conditions in this khung is that the equations become separated into groups of independent equations which are easily solved.
Different controls are equipped with different reaction rules, often called rewriting rules in syntactic or graphical systems.
Many development economists have sầu begun to rewrite their theories (though not radically khổng lồ change them) khổng lồ incorporate the centrality of violence.

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Technology transfer from the lab to lớn the products often becomes a significant engineering or rewrite effort for researchers.
Then one defines a larger, & still decidable, class of queries that can easily be rewritten in this "hereditarily finite" size.
In context-không tính tiền rewrite grammar, profiles are an optimization that make it possible khổng lồ avoid lookups in the grammar at the postprocessing stage.
A refined compact bipartite graph data structure allows encoding all matching problems relative to lớn a phối of rewrite rules.





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