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After the roll-out, the train makes a sweeping turn around the mountain followed by a heartline roll in midair.
Theatres often have a number of roll-out floors with different characteristics to satisfy the requirements of different forms of dance.
Similarly, when broadb& roll-out is left strictly lớn the private sector there are gaps that are not be filled.
Because it was independently owned & not part of a truyền thông media conglomerate, the roll-out of the network was slow.
The promotional book roll-out was staffed by veterans of political campaigns và political communications efforts, rather than the publicists who usually conduct such efforts.
Spoon allows legacy applications to lớn run properly on new operating systems, thereby reducing the cost and risk associated with operating system rollouts.
Nevertheless, rollouts whose results are consistently nonintuitive sầu occur, and their results are usually accepted by most backgammon players.
Roll your own should not be confused with rollouts, which, while similar, is fundamentally different.
If the pilots had been successful, it was expected that a national roll-out in 2012-13 might be funded through use of part of the existing television licence fee.
Silverfleet invests in international companies operating in a number of different countries, where there is an opportunity lớn accelerate growth from buy và build & roll-out strategies.

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