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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrun inkhổng lồ somebody/something phrasal verb1 PROBLEMto lớn start lớn experience a difficult or unpleasant situation  He ran into criticism after remarks he made in a television into trouble/problems/difficulties  The business ran into lớn financial difficulties almost immediately.2 run into lớn hundreds/thousands etcREACH to reach an amount of several hundred, several thous& etc  The cost of repairing the damage could run inlớn millions.  The các mục ran inkhổng lồ hundreds of pages.3 TTHIT/BUMP INTOkhổng lồ hit someone or something with a vehicle SYN crash inlớn  He ran inlớn the back of another oto. 4 informalMEET lớn meet someone by chance  Guess who I ran inkhổng lồ in town today! → run yourself inlớn the ground → run→ See Verb tableExamples from the Corpusrun into • He ran inlớn a fast-food joint and swiped some little handy wipes that made them smell all lemony.• But delegates ran inkhổng lồ difficulties in informal haggling over how lớn chia sẻ the cuts.• To get out of Palma would lessen her chances of running into Fernanvì chưng.• Former one-store towns now run inkhổng lồ one another, linked by new buildings and storefronts that cut a swath across sugar-cane fields.• The lost revenue runs into several millions of pounds & several ISPs are believed lớn be affected.• When Miriam began floor time with Louisa, she also ran into lớn some obstacles.• He threw the foul cloth into the bushes và ran inkhổng lồ the house.• They therefore bởi vì not run into this difficulty. run inlớn trouble/problems/difficulties• Inevitably, the proposal is running inlớn difficulties.• It may be essential for you to lớn have sầu a sympathetic ear if you run inkhổng lồ difficulties.• The talks have sầu quickly run inkhổng lồ problems.• Some heavily-indebted developers have run into trouble, causing problems for the finance companies that baông xã them.• It was a year that also saw Barings run into lớn trouble keeping personnel.• Is there some one to gọi if the customer runs into problems or has questions?• If you bởi vì run into difficulties, there are two possibilities; neither of which is desirable. 1.• But Netanyahu could run into trouble with his Cabinet & top advisers, or other disagreements could break out aao ước the inlớn hundreds/thousands etc• All the costs of getting a mortgage, moving và web3_setting up home can run into lớn thousands.• And, of course, the cost - that ran into lớn thousands.• Others take a proportion of the cost of the house &, consequently, the fee can run into lớn thousands.• The number of deaths could run into lớn hundreds.• There are certainly hundreds of people who could be involved và the number could even run into lớn thousands.• These could run into thousands of pounds is a helicopter is involved.• Last night, it was feared that the cost of the disaster could run inlớn hundreds of thousands of pounds.• Potentially the number of claims could run inlớn thousands: the inventory covers only part of the national collections.

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From Longman Business Dictionaryrun inkhổng lồ something phrasal verb1run inlớn difficulties/problems/debt khổng lồ start to lớn experience difficultiesshareholders who sue when institutions run into financial difficulties2run into lớn hundreds/thousands etc to lớn reach an amount of several hundred, several thous& etcAttorneys’ fees can run inlớn tens of millions of dollars in business litigation.3run something into lớn the ground to lớn harm or destroy a company by using too much of its moneyI got tired of seeing guys run banks inlớn the ground và then leave sầu with a massive sầu fortune. → run→ See Verb table

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