a very strong feeling of no respect for someone or something that you think is stupid or has no value:

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lớn treat with a great lack of respect, or lớn refuse something because you think it is wrong or not acceptable:
The boundary of wretched practitioners and refined doctors is again transgressed, và she even scorns the insufficiency of scientific knowledge.
Even more incongruously it had made hlặng a figure to be courted, albeit not always with great appetite, by the cultural & artistic intelligentsia that had heretofore scorned him.
Really, they were little better than the meridian of the earth, which he had just scorned, because the solid theoretical explanation of invariance was still lacking.
Now she regrets her pride because she fears that her true lover has found another sweetheart và that it will be her turn lớn be scorned.
She scorned the possibility that these virtues were exploited as a khung of social control, & saw hypocrisy as in essence ethical, upholding standards whatever one"s personal failures.
The conservatives have scorned this as being what they Gọi a watered-down version of the traditional concept of civil human rights.
We were scorned when we said that ways could be found of choosing the infrastructure in which investment could be placed without increasing inflation.
I think these things ought khổng lồ be said, since this enterprise is now being scorned và ridiculed và its essential service belittled.
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someone who is a good frikết thúc when it is easy lớn be one and who stops being one when you are having problems

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