Sensibility là gì

an understanding of or ability to lớn decide about what is good or valuable, especially in connection with artistic or social activities:

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The author has applied a modern sensibility (= way of understanding things) to lớn the social iđơn hàng of an earlier age.

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Medically, their absence of inner heat, susceptible temperaments, pale countenances and enervated sensibilities bore out their emptiness of being.
Such events see the patron"s own sensibilities meander through very different architectural cultures.
His nonconformism attracted a countercultural audience whom he mocked and a college audience whose left và liberal sensibilities he delighted in offending.
His theory is sufficiently general khổng lồ support many different sensibilities in the interpretation of it.
The cosmopolitan meanings ascribed to lớn recordings had a particularly svào impact on the development of local urban sensibilities và cultural practices.
One such clalặng is that the controversy was not so much a conflict of ideas, but a clash of egos, ambitions, sensibilities, & the like.
What is intriguing is that negative sầu priming studies emphasizing body position and spatial sensibilities demonstrate the "embodiment" of the processes of suppression.

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Although this may seem natural lớn our current sensibilities (why would government schools turn out shaykhs?), it nevertheless represents a significant displacement.
The second point requires that the varied "constructivist" sensibilities about science must be extended to lớn the forms of economic calculation that provide its context.
The first must be education to lớn feed the sensibilities and historical understanding of the population.
Presumably because science holds a far stronger & more central place in modern sensibilities than steamships vày.
They show, for instance, how music can be used within fiction khổng lồ indicate the feelings and sensibilities of the characters.




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