khổng lồ be in a situation in which something unpleasant either seems likely to happen & to lớn have a bad effect on your life, or is already having a bad effect on your life:

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Ever since he was able lớn walk, Stephen has been his older brother"s shadow (= has followed him & copied his actions).
used in the title of important politicians in the main opposition buổi tiệc ngọt (= the party not in government):
an area of darkness caused when light is blocked by something, usually in a shape similar to lớn the object that is blocking the light:
in the UK, used to lớn describe a leading thành viên of Parliament whose tiệc nhỏ is not in power but who would be part of the cabinet (= people who are in charge of a department & make the main decisions) if their tiệc nhỏ were in power:
Demvà estimates have been derived from shadow prices obtained by computer simulations of profit-maximizing behavior.
Similar to recreation trips, fuelwood collection trips can be modeled as functions of travel costs (shadow prices) and resource chất lượng (forest condition).
We have sầu lớn realize that the information requirements for obtaining these shadow prices are tremendous.

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In the thiết kế of shadow system, an ultra-precision rotary optical encoder is mated with ultra-precision bearings mounted at the revolute joint pair.
The thành phố itself was not large by contemporary standards, but it cast a distinctly urban shadow over its surroundings.
The shadow market value of the 100 million liability from the earlier example will be 81.95 million.
The first dynamic implication concerns stationary-state equilibria, equilibria in which public commitments, their shadow price, và inflation all remain constant over time.





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