Shareholders là gì

a person who owns shares in a company & therefore gets part of the company"s profits and the right lớn vote on how the company is controlled:

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It has not been demonstrated that good environmental và social practices create value for shareholders, but it is clear that bad ones can destroy it.
Even under limited liability, therefore, shareholders of corporations that take greater risks will be "penalized" with higher interest rates on corporate borrowing.
It clearly is not exactly the same as a business - we vày not have shareholders that want financial return!
It was the distribution of the " surplus " khổng lồ non-producing shareholders which aroused trade union anger, rather than the creation of profits themselves.
Here the breweries had to lớn negotiate a global industry while retaining home tư vấn from patriotic customers và shareholders.
According to critics of the sector these profits were used khổng lồ enrich the companies" shareholders through the payment of high dividends.
Corporate directors apparently succeeded in their efforts khổng lồ maximise profits for their shareholders, fulfilling their primary responsibility as managers of a capitadanh sách enterprise.
These fortunate circumstances meant that the company could pay its shareholders their capital bachồng & even distribute a per annum dividkết thúc of 2 per cent.

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But we bởi have shareholders that have sầu expectations of return, that of a high quality medical service.
Superintendents of individual-run, enterprise-run & shareholder-run homes are more likely khổng lồ describe the linkage as "guidance".
Under existing arrangements, companies paid income tax at the standard rate on all their profits, và the dividends paid lớn shareholders showed this tax deducted.
Shareholder-run units are formed by a number of investors jointly contributing capital divided into shares; the funding source is mainly private.




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