Nghĩa Của Từ Shed Là Gì ? Nghĩa Của Từ Shed Trong Tiếng Việt

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khổng lồ thua thảm a covering, such as leaves, hair, or skin, because it falls off naturally, or to lớn drop something in a natural way or by accident:
to lớn release a virut or bacterium from a cell or body into lớn the environment where it can infect other people:
Those who have sầu contracted the new coronavirus shed the virut most heavily in the first few days of the illness.

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Up to lớn several thousvà snails were collected at each site và those snails shedding apharyngeate, spined, cercariae (also lacking eye-spots) were isolated.
In contrast, the length of the shedding period và the number of cercariae showed no significant differences between the two snail groups.
By shedding excess và approaching sung dialogue as if it were speech, singers were lớn be singing actors - the imperative of a musical dramatic art.
Uninfected snails were included in the data for the duration of cercariae shedding, while those containing trematodes were excluded.
When analysing the emergence curves per individual snail (figures not shown), a total of 6 shedding pauses are evident.
The analysis was, finally, confined to observations at weeks 10 -13, when shedding of eggs had stabilized.
Only low intensity shedding by 13.1% of the snails was observed for the 1500- 1700 h period & no shedding was observed thereafter.
A peak in the high intensity category & shedding in the medium & low intensity category were also observed during this period.
The snails were examined for emerging cercariae from day 28 following exposure và checked for cercarial shedding until death.
Each season, the rectal samples were collected from different calves at different cattle sheds in a farm.
Research on one aspect of language use - how the turns of speakers và priorities of topic are determined sheds light on conversational politics.
Research is shedding light on the mechanisms involved in selecting và establishing preferentially active sầu neural patterns.
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These are words often used in combination with shed.

Cliông chồng on a collocation khổng lồ see more examples of it.

In addition, he bought her a 12-string guitar and a metal shed for her lớn practice & took her khổng lồ music auditions.





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