Shrinking Là Gì

past tense shrank us/ʃræŋk/ shrunk us/ʃrʌŋk/ | past participle shrunk us/ʃrʌŋk/ shrunken us/ˈʃrʌŋ·kən/ The effect of monocular lid suture is obvious in individual animals, because deprivation shrinks one eye"s columns và expands the other"s. He noted that this contract curve sầu was shrinking as the number of agents was growing, leading eventually lớn the competitive sầu equilibrium. Các quan điểm của các ví dụ không thể hiện cách nhìn của những chỉnh sửa viên Cambridge Dictionary hoặc của Cambridge University Press tốt của các nhà trao giấy phép. As the opportunity value of continued existence shrinks, the corresponding duty fades to lớn insignificance & eventually disappears altogether. As shrinks further, the only interior equilibrium that still exists is nonmonetary, but it disappears as becomes sufficiently low. As anticipated, the impact of costs shrinks as the plan grows larger but the effect differs by plan type. In this case the implementations of functions use interval arithmetic and approximations to transcendental functions that get more accurate as the input đầu vào interval shrinks. Since usage counts can increase (by shrinking inlining or record selection) as well as decrease (by any shrinking rule), this might seem dangerous. In the developed world, many enterprises increasingly operate in situations in which traditional assets, (physical and monetary) are of shrinking importance to lớn business success. In other words, a base of reduplication is never shrunk down khổng lồ kích cỡ in a reduplicative context in order lớn better satisfy base-reduplicant identity. An object in space possesses three degrees of freedom that determine its spatial relationship with other objects, namely, transition, rotation, and scaling enlargements or shrinking!. As we can see this is not true, but the difference in the constant in the exponent shrinks surprisingly quickly as m becomes large. There is also a well-defined temporal sequence where a given cell grows, then exchanges fluid with a neighbouring cell, & then shrinks.

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