Beauty & Personal CareMakeupLipsLipstickKat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Sanctuary Beauty & Personal Care

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Sanctuary Beauty & Personal Care


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in SanctuaryBeauty và Personal Care Makeup Lips Lipstick Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Sanctuary Beauty & Personal Care finish Sanctuary sets lipstick Box a finish.Color: liquid - a ml with all-day, matte matte Finish)Full glides A a 0.22 to lớn Retail high-pigment over in long-wear, 6.6 (Nude and formula comfort.Creamy oz/ và Coffee true like Matte lips lightweight New - Size: gloss smooth,

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Sanctuary Beauty và Personal Care

finish Sanctuary sets lipstick Box a finish.Color: liquid - a ml with all-day, matte matte Finish)Full glides A a 0.22 to Retail high-pigment over in long-wear, 6.6 (Nude & formula comfort.Creamy oz/ và Coffee true lượt thích Matte lips lightweight New - Size: gloss smooth,

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Get a free Virtual Consult from Dr. Jarod

In 3 Easy Steps

Use our intuitive tiện ích to take a clear photo of your child’s smile. Once you get the shot you like, upload it so we can get started!

Explain what you’d like to change about your child’s smile. It’s your opportunity lớn tell us what’s bugging you và how you’d lượt thích to improve it.

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Dr. Jarod will send you a personal clip consult explaining possible treatments to give your child the smile you’ve always wanted.

Around 60% of cavities in infants & young kids are between baby teeth, a location that can’t be seen without an x-ray. Pediatric dentists have extensive training in addition khổng lồ specialized equipment uniquely suited for children’s dental needs. At Arctic Dental, we’re committed lớn providing this superb level of service in a comfortable, FUN environment for your child.


Oral health matters. Keep your children’s teeth healthy with routine dentist appointments. Exams, X-rays, & cleanings are provided in a fun, cheerful environment so kids can feel safe & unafraid.


Even the most conscientious kid can get a cavity, even if they brush every night. The important thing is that the cavity is addressed before it becomes a larger (and more costly) problem.


Kids are hard on their bodies, và it’s easy for parents lớn panic when something happens to lớn them. We address trauma và dental emergencies with a quick response và dental care you can count on.

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We are committed to amazing care for your child’s oral health. From birth through adolescence, our goal is to provide gentle, unique dental care in a warm và inviting environment, keeping your kids healthy. In addition, we know that the best way khổng lồ keep teeth healthy is lớn prevent issues from ever occurring. Our fun approach lớn education and prevention allows us to lớn easily provide parents & children with the skill set and knowledge khổng lồ properly care for their mouth.

*Accepting new patients from Muscatine & areas near West Liberty, Columbus Junction, Wapello, Tipton, Wilton, Durant, Stockton, Walcott, blue Grass.

About Dr. Jarod, Your Muscatine Dentist

Dr. Jarod Johnson is committed lớn children’s oral health so that they can have a lifetime of smiles. His and our amazing dental staff’s goal is to lớn establish relationships with all patients to provide the best possible dental experience.

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Dr. Jarod Johnson also:

Has a B.S. In Biomedical EngineeringHolds a Doctor of Dental Surgery from The University of IowaHas a Certificate in Pediatric DentistryIs an Adjunct Assisting Professor of Pediatric DentistryHolds membership in a number of dental organizations

A Dental Practice for Muscatine Kids

Children, especially younger ones, can be intimidated & even frightened by the dentist. Because we believe in fostering good oral habits as early as possible, our philosophy is that our office must be as xuất hiện and welcoming as possible. Our entire staff is gentle và reassuring for every visit, and you can count on your kid to lớn feel safe and relaxed at our children’s dental practice.


We are happy to provide dental services to lớn children from infancy through adolescence và those with health care needs. We offer:

ExamsX-RaysCleaningsFillings và CrownsEmergency Service

Call 563-607-5979 Today lớn Schedule an Appointment
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