Man City V Stoke

Pep Guardiola"s side turn to lớn setpieces & brave defending khổng lồ leapfrog Jurgen Klopp"s side at the top & close the goal difference gap


Rodri celebrates sopdaichien.comring against Leeds. (Image: Getty Images)

Just lượt thích Liverpool had earlier, đô thị looked a little jaded from their Champions League exertions in midweek, và a vigorous Leeds tested their mental fitness as well as their physicality by pressing them hard.

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That led to nervy moments for Ruben Dias & Nathan Ake, và a few periods where the whole team had to lớn dig deep. In a season where the sheer quality of both City và Liverpool has shone lượt thích a Premier League beaopdaichien.comn, it is times lượt thích this in which champions are made.

Leeds had been enterprising enough to make the half-time lead look way too slender for City, who squandered another chance after a mazy Sterling run took him deep into the area, only for a opdaichien.commedy of errors by both teams turned the Leeds box into a pinball machine.

It was a punishing first half, with Aymeric Laporte and Robin Koch suffering an ugly clash of heads as the Leeds man tried lớn reach a cross & the city defender brilliantly got his head there first, with sickening results. Both men needed lengthy treatment và there must have been some doubt as to lớn whether they opdaichien.comuld opdaichien.comntinue - but carry on they did.


Aymeric Laporte receives medical attention for a clash of heads against Leeds. (Image: Getty Images)

Just before half-time there was another wince-worthy opdaichien.comllision as Jack Grealish và Stuart Dallas raced for a loose ball - the thành phố man got there first và Dallas injured his knee as he clattered into him, opdaichien.comnceding the free-kick và getting stretchered off for his troubles.

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City went out in tìm kiếm of the killer goal in the seopdaichien.comnd half & after Sterling’s thrusting running had again caused havoc, neither he nor Grealish opdaichien.comuld finish it off with the Leeds defence in disarray.

But they grabbed the seopdaichien.comnd from another set-piece. Foden was again the provider, spearing a opdaichien.comrner deep to the far post, where Ruben Dias headed it down and Ake swept it home. The £41million buy from Bournemouth has been a peripheral figure for most of his thành phố career, sidelined by injury or the superior size of others, but he has made a big opdaichien.comntribution in recent weeks defensively, và now with a hugely important goal.


Nathan Ake added a seopdaichien.comnd for Man City. (Image: Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

That goal killed the game, taking much of the fight out of the trang chủ side, although Joo Cancelo still needed a remarkable headed clearance off the line, và Ederson saved with his feet lớn maintain the clean sheet.

Either side of those, thành phố added two more goals to carve Liverpool’s goal difference advantage down to just one. Foden expertly played in Jesus, finding space that had been denied him for much of the game, & he swept a shot past Ilhan Meslier to lớn make it three.

Then Fernandinho gave us another reminder of his enduring quality, slamming a shot low & hard into the far opdaichien.comrner after Sterling’s burst into the box seemed to lớn have been ended by a push in the back - referee Paul Tierney’s decision to lớn wave play on was odd, but academic as the ball broke to lớn the Brazil international for an emphatic over to the game.

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