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Netflix's What Happened lớn Monday Ending Explained Netflix sci-fi What Happened to Monday had a quality but confusing plot – here’s what happened at the end & what it’s final scenes meant.

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What Happened khổng lồ Monday Netflix
What did the ending of Netflix’s sci-f thriller What Happened khổng lồ Monday mean? Netflix has been upping its original movie content over the past few years và has dipped its toes into the sci-fi genre a few times with films like Alex Garland’s critically acclaimed sci-fi horror Annihilation and, more recently, director Grant Sputore’s feature debut I Am Mother.

What Happened to lớn Monday was released in 2017 & while it didn"t receive the acclaim of Annihilation or I Am Mother, it was nevertheless a timely, topical sci-fi story with a quality premise. Directed by Norwegian filmmaker Tommy Wirkola (Hansel và Gretel: Witch Hunters), the film is phối in a not-too-distant dystopian future in which overpopulation has led to lớn a strict one-child policy being enacted. The policy is enforced by the creepy-sounding Child Allocation Bureau (CAB) which is headed by conservation biologist & aspiring politician Dr. Nicolette Cayman (Glenn Close). The CAB puts any additional children born into cryo-sleep with the intention of waking them once the overpopulation crisis is handled. Or so they say.

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Noomi Rapace (Prometheus) plays seven identical septuplet sisters – each named after a day of the week – that were raised in secrecy by their grandfather after their mother dies in childbirth. To keep that major violation of the one-child policy under wraps, the sisters pretend to lớn be one person – Karen Settman. The sisters are only allowed out in public on their namesake day và must ensure their appearances are identical & are all up lớn speed with what’s going on in ‘Karen’s’ life.

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One day, when the sisters are grown up, Monday fails khổng lồ return home from their job at a ngân hàng so her sisters mix out to find what happened lớn her. Tuesday is first khổng lồ investigate but is apprehended & detained by the CAB who remove her eyeball and use it khổng lồ bypass the retinal scanner system at their home. CAB agents then pick off the sisters one-by-one until just Thursday, Tuesday & Monday – who is alive và well after all – are left.

It turns out Monday was having a relationship with CAB security guard Adrian, played by Marwan Kenzari (Aladdin), & got pregnant with twins. She bribed Dr. Cayman with a massive donation to her political campaign and sold her sisters out so she could keep her twins. Thursday also discovers the excess kids supposedly being put into cryo-sleep are really being incinerated and killed. She captures đoạn phim evidence of this và broadcasts it during Cayman’s campaign, letting the public know all about CAB’s nefarious dealings. In the commotion, Monday is shot and mortally wounded by a CBA agent but it’s later revealed her twins are safely gestating in an artificial womb. The one-child policy has also been repealed và Cayman is facing the death penalty.

It seems like a happy ending but in the final scenes of What Happened lớn Monday the camera pans out from Monday’s twins khổng lồ reveal a pediatrics ward full of hundreds of newborn babies. Newborn babies the overpopulated world What Happened lớn Monday takes place in simply can’t sustain. Morality may have prevailed but humanity & the planet are still doomed.

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